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A Loving Morning Routine For Couples

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Hey hey, I'm Denis Merkas and this is another Melt" couples massage tip… #12! Properties: A natural oil base containing Sunflower Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Sweet Almond Oil with pure French Lavender essential oil and Vanilla Infusion 35 Fold. Before trying a homemade massage oil recipe, ensure that it has the exact scent you love. We are partnering with some of the best and most recognized brands of skin and beauty products to deliver high quality results to our clients needs.

Although you may think of coconut oil as a white solid oil, however when warmed coconut oil is actually a light, non-greasy, liquid oil. Generally, these methods involve applying diluted essential oils to the skin, inhaling the scent of the oils, or both. Massage in a Bottle is made with 100% pure grapeseed oil, Vitamin E and an intoxicating blend of vanilla and orange essential oils - the perfect accompaniment to a sensual massage.

Some of the secondary benefits include nourishing the skin and acting as a "base", or "carrier" oil for aromatherapy essential oils. The atmosphere at Natural Body Spa in Jacksonville is warm, inviting, and relaxing. Contains a blend of Sunflower, Apricot Kernel and Sweet Almond Oil with premium grade fragrance oil.

Want to try Plantlife Aromatherapy Massage Oils but don't know which scent to pick? Chinese Rose - 2 - 3 drops - (middle: soft, spicy, sweet, floral) - relaxes; adds depth to the blend's aroma. Specially design for couple messaging, this vanilla sensual oil will bring more love to your relationship.

Just as people have allergies or sensitivities to ingredients in skincare products, the same goes for lube and your genitals, says Berman. How about oil massage this time? This spa-grade oil feels very light and great not just for relaxation, but in moisturizing the skin as well.

However, one of the quickest ways in which the aroma of an essential oil can have an effect on the body is by inhalation through the nose, because the nose has direct contact with the brain. Base, fixed, or carrier oils are great for an aromatherapy massage.

I also highly recommend using a massage oil based on NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS, and not anything artificial or with synthetic ingredients. Melrose Sweet almond oil is a classic base oil for many therapists, it contains 100% Sweet Almond oil. Australian Sandalwood - drops - (base: soft, woody, warm, hint of balsam) - a natural mood-lifter, heightens the senses, promotes relaxation, and opens the airways.

Also, avoid exposing your blends to excessive heat or light as this will often change the chemical composition of the oils or cause them to oxidize and spoil faster. Tammy Tenison is a clinical aromatherapist, wellness advocate, and Gold doTERRA team leader who has taught thousands of families how to safely and effectively use essential oils and natural solutions to manage their health and wellness.

Ylang ylang essential oil is extracted from the flowers of a tall, tropical tree which invokes exotic images and may contribute to its romantic associations! Some massage oils are purely utilitarian, while others are made for more sensual activities. Most essential oils are not safe for internal use.

If there is any concern about the massage oil causing her a problem, have a washcloth ready to clean your hands, and switch to a lubricant designed for Sex Massage Oil. Properties: Delicious strawberry flavor in a natural oil base containing Sunflower Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.
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