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If This Congress Ran D

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The "it" they don't seem to get is that Obama and progressives are worthless as tits on a hog. And if they make political commercials out of Barton's "apology" the public will know what it was all about - that this is just dirty Dem politics using words and point taken totally and completely out of context. This is the Rush Limbaugh "Phony Soldiers" thing all over again. Republican's needn't apologize for anything just because the prevaricating professional obfuscators demand an apology. I mean Hell, I demand they stop lying at every turn and they aren't listening to me, so we owe them nothing. Don't play their game.

JW: Not necessarily. I mean I was thrilled that she was willing and able to talk to us. I think she wanted to. She made the decision. She doesn't do anything without thinking it through very carefully. I think she was glad to speak about some of it, but again, it was always with the overlay that this is about my husband. I was working to help my husband. It's not about me.

If right about now you are starting to bristle at my commentary, is it because you are a Republican and you don't appreciate this Republican calling out our leadership? Are you happy with how the RNC is handling things? Are you pleased with your elected Republican prison and mental health reform have no complaints about their representation of you and your best interests?

I thought Congress makes law and the courts rule on the constitutionality of them. I was pretty sure the president cannot just decide which laws he likes or not and issue executive orders overturning them. And since when has it become vogue for a minority, progressives I mean, to be able to completely bypass the will of the vast majorities? Has the usurper and the minions managed to change the laws of the land when I wasn't looking? Considering I eyeball these clowns like a mother Grizzly eyes a male when she has cubs, I am sure if the laws of the land had changed, I'd have heard about it.

On behalf of them, I stand to their defense, It is not their fault, they did not betray us, they were betrayed and their loyalty used against their best interest. They are still family, they are still friends, they are still neighbors and they are human beings who are paddling in the same boat everyone else is.

It's been a tough two or three days for those who have already exhausted some benefits and reached a certain Tier of the unemployment benefits extension. Many of us, and there are reportedly over 300,000 of us, are searching the internet hourly to see if the Senate has made any movement toward passing such a bill. The unfortunate answer seems to be that there will be 300,000 of us waiting at least one week to hear an answer. The problem with that is that there is no guarantee we will be provided an unemployment benefits extension. That leaves many of us wondering how our bills will get paid in the short term.

The corrupters and the corruptees work hand in hand, together. There is enough to around for everyone to benefit. You, the citizen, are also part of the process. You, we, us, keep electing the same people, the same party, the same machine. We know they are corrupt. But apathy keeps us from doing anything about it.
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