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Vibratex Sex Toys Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrating Massager By Vibratex

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The smaller size and lack of wires means that this full-strength sex toy can be used anywhere and anytime. It's battery powered and works as powerful as a main toy, it's smooth and feels lush on my sensitive skin. Sterilize your silicone sex toys between partners, between holes, or if you would just feel better about using your toy if you did. However, I'm here to report that I think the bulky Magic Wand's days in the spotlight are coming to an end.

If you're familiar with the Hitachi Magic Wand , the Mystic Wand shape is already familiar to you. With unassuming looks, a quiet demeanor, a solid body and a strong silicone head, the Mystic Wand makes a great splash-proof lover and travel companion. This sensational wand massage vibrator from Vibratex is one of our most powerful vibrators.

The Mystic Wand takes 4 AA batteries, which gives it a pretty hefty vibration output. Well, for some women its' response is Wow!", and for some it's Whoa Nellie!" Well, the people at Vibratex, just came out with a great new version called the Mystic Wand. Strong pinpointed, and even diffused when using the top of the head, sensations make the Mystic a compelling toy.

When I first saw the Mystic Rechargeable Wand, a few questions ran through my mind. However, I love that the Mystic Wand takes 4 AA batteries - usually, to find power like the kind it provides, you have to use plug-in toys. I recommended the battery one over the rechargeable one and also the water proof one.

I highly recommend trying the Mystic Wand by Vibratex out for yourself and see how amazing it is. I can't wait for many more amazing and thrilling orgasms. While you cannot submerge it under water to get your rocks off, you can use it near water because it is splash proof giving you even more options than the electrical Magic Wand.

I use this on the woman while im using a dildo or while having sex and she's never came that hard with any other toys. The Mystic Wand Rechargeable is not waterproof, so please keep it out of the shower and bath. Product info does state that the silicone cover on the head of the unit is removable for cleaning.

I got home and took it out of the box and compared it to my Please Satisfy Wand, and it's head was slightly larger. Speeds 2 and 3 are noticeably stronger, and actually proved to be too much for me. I'm not big on vibration patterns, but the Mystic Wand comes with 3. Not too shabby at all.

Usually, I prefer rechargeable toys, because I just don't have my shit together enough to keep batteries on hand. Due to lack of instructions included with the product, I do not know whether overcharging will damage the massager, but have not yet detected any negative affect on the toy from leaving it plugged in for a little longer than necessary.

The smaller size and lack of wires means that this full-strength sex toy can be used anywhere and anytime. My penis-owning partner loves it, because he can't take more powerful wands, but he likes vibrations a lot. The toy in use was a bit disappointing in terms of power for me. I always kept hearing that the Mystic Wands was one of the most powerful toys that required batteries.

While the massager comes with instructions, they are very generic and say nothing about the Mystic Wand Rechargeable specifically. Like other reviewers mentioned, the strong vibrations don't travel through the handle, which is really nice. The Magic Wand is substantially heavier than the Mystic Wand, making the Mystic much easier and more pleasurable to use.

The neck of the toy is the most flexible I've seen on a wand vibrator. Found this toy through Oh Joy Sex Toy and decided to give it a try as I wanted a wand type toy but prefer not to have a cord. I say this after it having three major issues, and I only used it enough to test it, which is just sad considering I've had the same Magic Wand Original for 7 years without issues (and I have used it A LOT) and the Magic Wand is a cheaper toy.
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