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Delete The Number Of Qq Synchronization Assistant After Synchronization And Automatic Recovery Is How The Matter

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sim card on the number of the, but did not show it, to the address book, set to show all contacts can be

If you can not find, provide two ways to restore:

1, if the best free backup sync program before, but also download the phone address book tool, you can directly restore.

In general, first download a mobile phone address book recovery tool to restore the phone address book. At present the mainstream mobile phone address book recovery software has Lenovo music synchronization, music security, QQ mobile assistant, 360 assistant and so on.

2, time machine

Select a previous backup status, click [start through it], and select a address book status, click on its corresponding [restore] button, you can ride the time machine, the address book to restore the selected time point to the state ~

If you want the phone to return to this state, then enable mobile QQ synchronization assistant, select [only change the contact], so your phone address book also take the time machine back friends.

Your steward user

According to your problem description you delete this address book contact cloud save address book data need to log in sync help official website\u0026nbsp; click on my database to log in to your account to delete the work you then perform synchronization

Thank you Tencent phone steward support
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