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Telehealth counseling

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academic performance enhancementAbout STA
Specialized Therapy Associates (STA) is a center that is unique in its services which is based on the model of truly integrative care for both the mind and the body. The mind and body are one system and requires an integrated approach with a team of specialists working together to offer the inter-disciplinary approaches of specialty trained therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners to meet your concerns with a cutting edge model of Functional Medicine for healthy lifestyle changes.
Our Intake department is staffed by caring, and exceptional people, who will work to match you with the most appropriate practitioners to meet your personal needs and your family’s goals.
We offer individual, couples, family and group counseling and psychological IEP Testing for all age ranges. We are a regionally recognized as a leading psychotherapy office, designed to treat people of all ages with a vast variety of issues and concerns founded by our Director, Dr. Vanessa Gourdine, named one of NJ Top Doctors.
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