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China PWB Fab & PCBA Suppliers Professional Review

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electronics assembly servicesWho's MOKO China Electronics Summary

To adequately offer our customers professional services with fastest time and lowest rate, Moko Technology Ltd Technology does have its PCB manufacturing facility (founded in The year 2002, situated MeiZhou , GuangDong ), Circuit Card assemblage manufacturing plant (founded in 2006, situated in Bao' An district, Shenzhen City) and Circuit Card design teams. MokoTechnology can provide turn key services that range from PC Board design, prototyping to volume Circuit Board assembly production. If you've placed volume order to Mokotech and your design is fresh and have to be evolved or changed in the actual application, our competent technicians can provide you the solid support with no billing any other funds.

Cut-throat competitive Rate

Mokotech frequently provide around 5000 popular parts from outstanding producers and cooperate with the well-known electronic elements distributors such as DigiKey, Mouser, Element14, , Avnet, and Future Electronics to guarantee our logistics system is sleek and serve both the emergency needs and common demands with shortest lead-time and highly competitive charge.

Fast Delivery

We can easily do the fast delivery and minimize clients' wait time, as a result of:
1, We regularly preserve close to 5000 frequently used elements;
2, Now we have quite possibly the most professional sourcing team and cooperate with renowned electronic elements vendors;
3, We possess our own Circuit Card and PCB assembly manufacturing area;
4, We possess our own design team who can assist customers to deal with the sophisticated technical issues.

Quality Promise

We make sure that all the goods we made are 100% certified and have at the very least 1 year warranty period of time, but the requirement is that all the parts of the products are supplied by us (which include PCB, electronic elements and assy job). And for those boards just partly services offered by us, we are only in charge of the liability of the services offered by us.


We handle all of your info as highly private and make every effort to defend your intellectual property(IP) legal rights.

The secrecy of your information is protected with the below means and operations.

Sanctioned access only: To external users, only authenticated users have access to info that he/she is authorized to uncover. To interior users, access of info is on a need-to-know basis. Your information are compartmentalized and linked with number IDs. To illustrate, our production specialists who are able to observe design files can only see project and customer IDs; our shipping won't display billing info; and our accounting won't watch design files.

Security examination: We run everyday security review to maintain our security specifications.

Deletion of info: We shall clear off any certain information when requested.

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