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How to avoid 'Fortnite' V-dollars scams and cyber-criminal schemes

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How Fortnite is certainly making it's money. Even more than a time after its launching, the community is still talking about Fortnite - and for great reason. The struggle royale video video game enjoyed by more than 200 million people is free, but it’s creating a ton of money Time
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free v bucksInside the super-popular online video game "Fortnite," players must evade gunfire and skyrocket launcher attacks to be among the earlier ones status in the multiplayer free-for-all.

But possibly bigger problems involving the video game await players in the truly world.

Online profiteers hawking enhanced ability for players' "Fortnite" heroes in exchange for their profile login info could take over the bank account or, worse, swipe credit card information in the bill for fraud.

Different internet peddlers pitch discounted or free allotments of the game's exclusive currency, v bucks generator-bucks, employed to give for latest costumes and boogie animations for in-game heroes. What appears like a great buy could, in fact, end up being a transfer that helps out cyber-criminals launder cash spent finding stolen data on the Dark Web.
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