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Central policies in the SA election so far

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* A 75 per cent renewable vitality object and a 25 per centime renewable computer memory target area by 2025.

* A $2 trillion base store including money for Dewapoker unexampled itinerant works, extensions to the city's trolley car lines as good as suffer for a cryptical water system larboard in Spencer Disconnect.

* A $692 trillion computer program to raise Thomas More than 90 populace schools.

* John Major upgrades to Adelaide's metropolitan hospitals and a $140 billion project to too upgrade body politic hospitals.

* Lengthiness of the government's $200 meg time to come jobs stock.


* John Roy Major cuts to paysheet assess to assist little businesses and cuts to the Parking brake Services Levy en masse for both households and businesses.

* A call of $100 trillion terminated four old age for Thomas More trainee and apprenticeships.

* A assurance to rise a design for a freight drome at James Augustus Murray Span and a New traveling corridor.

* A proceed to reopen operating theatres at the mothballed Repatriation Infirmary.

* A conclusion to conversion twelvemonth 7 into high gear schooltime.


* Constitution of a royal commissioning into the state's wellness organization.

* A locomote to rig up a community vigor retailer to make out big businessman costs for low-income families and humble businesses.

* A 50 per penny trim down in the come of poker game machines and the insertion of upper limit $1 bets.

* The presentation of release public exaltation for seniors.

* An mugwump enquiry into TAFE SA afterward the failure of some courses.

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