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Public Rockwall County Divorce Records

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The Texas Department of State Health Services can provide the general public with <a href="">Free Public Divorce Records Texas</a> divorce verification letters for divorce events that occurred from 1968 up to the present time. Divorce verifications serve as a confirmation that a particular dissolution of marriage is recorded in the state  <img src="" align="left" width="209" style="padding:10px;"/> of Texas. One must also keep in mind that the said document is not considered as a legitimate substitute for a divorce certificate. One can apply for divorce verification through the above-mentioned bureau's Vital Statistics Unit. Also, you can make your order via the worldwide web or you can do your research about the Rockwall County divorce records online without any charge.<br /><br /><center><img src=",+Reid+-+Meixner.tif" width="350" /></center><br /><br />You can make an order via online or through postal services. If you opt to send your demand via mail, there is a need for you to include a photocopy of your valid government-issued picture identification. Once your application has been received, you may pay for the relevant costs via major brand debit or credit cards. Normally, the processing time takes for about 10 to 15 working days. You may also avail of the expedited delivery facility. For further information, you can check the proper procedure and applicable fees online.<br /><br />The requested record will be delivered to the mailing address which you identified in your application. Moreover, you must also remember that once you have received a confirmation of your order, cancellation is not allowed. But, if the file you want is not found, you will not get any refund for the amount you paid.<br /><br />The Texas Vital Statistics Bureau also offers a list of all divorce occurrences in the state. Said index of marital split-ups can be obtained by downloading the same from the said agency's official web resource or you can purchase the one in microfiche in the amount of $10.00 for the first year and an additional $5.00 for every additional year. These records do not contain complete and 100% accurate information about the divorce incidents. Such lists only serve as a guide in determining the existence of a divorce and the specific county where the dissolution of marriage was granted. After all, the recovery of a certified copy of a divorce decree can only be made from the District Clerk's Office of the specific county where the marital break-up came about.<br /><br />Basic details about a couple's divorce can now be recovered with the aid of the worldwide web. Whether you are checking the accuracy of your own divorce report, or just plain curious about your probable partner's previous relationship, you can always delve into the divorce records Rockwall County. You can utilize the services of the numerous online resources and look up the divorce data you need through the electronic database available for your needs any hour of the day. The facts you can gather can at least provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your own file contains correct information and that the <a href="">Rockwall County District Clerk</a> person you are seeing right now is indeed telling the truth about his or her past.
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