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Real Madrid Drowned This Season Hope Of Title Win By All Conquering Barca

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master liga88Barcelona are on their way to lift the trophy once again and showed there strong nerve of fighting back spirit and winning run still continues with all positive effort. Barcelona has taken quite a huge lead on soccer scores board which seems hard to catch by real Madrid. Football analysts are hoping record breaking trophy success by Barca and they are on well course to lift their 19th title of primera liga. Barcelona currently topping the score board with 12 points lead and Real Madrid require unusual luck for reaching at the top or a miracle to lift the trophy.

Real Madrid is facing another problem in shape of injury of their top class winger Arjen Robben which is indeed a serious blow for Bernabeu side. The Dutch man is facing hip injury and likely to be ruled out of their trip to sporting Gijon and another sideline news for Bernabeu side is Wesley Sneijder which will hurt them in their next campaigns. Champions’ leagues second round is starting on 25th February and Master Liga88 Real Madrid can face problem on 1st leg of their match with Liverpool that is also second on their premiership race to title. Liverpool is tougher companion who won champions league couple of year back from mouth of AC Milan. Real coach Ramos is hoping to face tough fight in both competitions but they are going well in their last seven appearance of primera liga and their winning streak of 7 games is still nothing of use in front of huge 12 points leads of Barca.

Barcelona is confident on title race but Real Madrid is not giving up and positive to fight till until the end of season and that what they known for. The Nou camp side is facing problem with their captain Carles Puyol the Catalan defender who is troubled with muscle problem. Eto’ is on tour to France for his international appearance in friendly matches. Thierry Henry was speculated to return to premiership as he was not able to perform or getting desired soccer results for which he known for. He hit 12 goals last season in 30 appearances and he is same this season with half games and on well course to build his goal scoring routine what he did in Arsenal. One of his team mate revealed that he is happy at Nou camp and not thinking to return for premiership.

Barcelona and real Madrid are both on fire right now as they are building their wining stream with consecutive victories in primera liga but gap of 12 points are hard to fill by Bernabeu side. Barcelona will face Lyon the French leaders in CL but they have already taken advantage in primera liga so they must be positive and confident on CL fixtures. Real Madrid are already loosing trophy of primera liga but they can gain something by wining Champion league.

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