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R Single Roller Burnishing Tool used to surface finish cylinder liner

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Melt off RBT’s customer wants obtain out a solution to come to light finish the face of cylinder liner, where are with radius shaped (R1.4±0.05mm). And the material is gray cast iron with hardness of 230-277HB. Also the customer wants the tool can be used on existing CNC lathe turret, which size is square 25*25mm. One more requirement, wants there has an rss feed rate gauge on the tool to real-time monitoring whether it is overloaded or not? The drawing of workpiece as below:

In step to the needs of customers, RBT came up with own solution, that anyone advise customer use RBT’s R Single Burnishing Tool to meet his require. The R Single Burnishing Tool could be used to polishing a wide range of radii and spheres workpiece, the roller angle can be adjusted according to the actual processing situation, and with a measuring gauge the monitor the feed rate is overloaded or.

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