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Top 20 Best Survival Gear

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Let's face it, these are strange and terrible times and there's a very good chance that at some point we're all going to be forced to live in a society that is half The Walking Dead and half The Hunger Games. Weighing in at just under 8.5 ounces and incredibly collapsible, this tear-resistant emergency bivi sack is an excellent outdoor survival sleeping solution, even if you don't have a sleeping bag to put in it. It should keep you protected and safe in an unfortunate night spent outside and it'll keep you from rolling around in the dirt.

Perfect for use with flashlights, headlamps, and portable radios, Quantum batteries have a 10-year shelf life, so they'll very likely be fully charged and ready to use when the time comes to pull them out of storage. Including a glass breaker helps make an emergency escape easy in times of crisis like a car accident or rescue.

We created a simple 1 Page Backpacking Checklist PDF. This unobtrusive device is small enough to fit in even the most tightly packed bags, but it can also filter up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water, killing up to 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, and make it drinkable.

Although folding knives are conveniently compact, a fixed blade knife is generally the better option for a survival kit. The backpack features well-designed compression straps at the top and bottom that help to keep all your gear secure. A: Thankfully the cleaning instructions for a tactical gear bag are pretty straightforward, lacking the sometimes complicated cleaning instructions for other bags.

You don't have to be particularly far from the trail head to get into some real trouble, so you should always carry some survival gear with you just in case. A good knife can be a survival kit unto itself," he said. When buying emergency supplies, look for stackable items with minimal packaging or that serve multiple purposes (multi-function items are great because you get the benefits of multiple tools without using up all that storage space).

A lot of people wouldn't think twice about buying a headlamp because they think it isn't necessary however, you will need one in an emergency situation. No doubt, this is your primary concern in a survival situation; which also makes carrying a filter even more important.

GF Thunder® 5-in-1 survival knife has a seat belt cutter, glass breaker, LED flashlight and magnesium fire starter built into it. As a result, we've taken the time to create as much of a comprehensive list of all the different types of survival gear as possible.

So make sure to add these most useful items: headlamp, mini LED light, survival batteries and oil lamp, as they can provide you the illumination source in dark nights. The best survival tools on the market will only do so much for your if you do not have a survival mindset and the knowledge to persevere in any environment.

Our paramedics also preferred the Whitetail over the cheaper Adventure Medical Kits Adventure 2.0 First-Aid Kit , which we recommend in our road trip guide While the supply lists for the two kits seem similar, the Whitetail is better suited for times when professional medical help may be delayed.

If you're a survivalist or are interested in becoming one, carefully pick your gear. Food is an important survival gear, but not in the short term. When selecting a backpack, it's important to find something that's lightweight and comfortable to carry. We stock cutting tools, fire making tools, signaling tools, slingshots, survival blankets, whistles, water treatments and pre-packed survival kits.
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