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Best Survival Gear Kits For 2018

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There are many different situations that could lead to a survival scenario, and any of them could happen to you. Whether you're putting together a lightweight emergency kit to take backpacking or planning for an all-out zombie apocalypse, the first thing you need is a container to hold everything in. In survivalist communities, this is often referred to as a bug out bag (BOB) or a quick run bag.

Definitely an excellent value for under $20 that will make a great backpacking kit or addition to your existing first aid items. Definitely don't expect anyone to look up every single item recommendation, I'd expect people to just check the items they have off the list and then maybe look at some recommendations for items they don't have or don't have much experience with.

A: There are plenty of optional accessories that can be purchased for a tactical gear bag. Among all the tools on this list, this swiss army knife offers the most functionality. However, this survival gear list will only cover gear and not supplies. Having this water filter with you will guarantee you access to safe drinking water when faced with a survival situation.

If you're starting from scratch, picking up these 12 essentials will get you a best-on-the-block kit at a price affordable for almost any household (about $300 as of this writing): a long-term, heavy-duty water storage container, water purification tablets, energy bars, a quality first-aid kit, a reliable emergency radio, face masks, an excellent lantern and headlamp, a backup emergency candle, a whistle, a power inverter for the car, and a sturdy container to store everything.

Sure, you can skewer meats in an emergency but practically speaking, having a collapsible grill on hand makes your life much easier in a wilderness survival scenario. A folding multi-tool can be an unbelievably useful tool to have by your side whether you're in an emergency survival situation or just going about your day.

Knowledge is, of course, the most important skill a person can have and it should be the number one thing you should focus on acquiring before adventuring into the wilderness but is also a wise decision to make sure your survival tools have a high-grade of quality to last for years.

Here are the best survival gadgets and tools that you should consider. Even a small style add-on is good for adding a little personality to your tactical gear bag. So while I don't support slingshots as real self-defense weapons, I do think slingshots have a place in a survival gear list.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you find the best survival, prepper, and tactical gear subscription box that fit your needs. And so after going through all these survival manuels, here are the BASIC ESSENTIAL ITEMS they all agree you should have in your kit.

Despite everything, this tactical pack still feels lightweight and comfortable. Anyone who has owned a swiss army knife will rave about their usefulness, as they are one of the most convenient tools (not only in survival situations) period. A small lightweight tube, it is easily tucked away in your backpack to be easily accessible should the need arise.

So you can either pray you'll stumble across a natural survival shelter (or an abandoned cabin in the woods) or you can get invest in some lifesaving shelter gear. Purchasing a tactical gear bag with natural materials will give you a sense of comfort if familiar with the quality and plan on using it often.

And some of them could care less if their survival kit saves your @ss or not in asurvival situation, like this worthless Coghlan Survival Kit-In-A-Can. This survival bracelet by Core Survival won't add a single ounce to your backpack yet it's a fairly capable survival gadget.
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