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Food Truck Catering Fundamentals Explained

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Our objective is promoting local cuisine and also link you with the most beneficial food truck rental trucks Tampa Bay has to offer! We specialize in catering and placing trucks all over the Orlando and Tampa area at employee appreciations, church gatherings, parties, breweries, weddings, street festivals and other things. Have a spot where would you like having food trucks dish out the grub? Try letting us know!

Look over our food truck blog for witty reviews & drool inducing photos. View our Facebook page to find exactly where the favorite food truck of yours is located, or check our food truck events page for our forthcoming food truck rallies. We are able to in addition take the party for you with food truck catering! Ohh Ohh, Don't forget the Mobile DJ Truck, there isn't anything else like it around!

For additional details, please contact:
Tampa Bay Food Trucks
6306 Benjamin Rd #608, Tampa
FL 33634, USA
Phone number - 1 813-802-9119

Working hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm
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