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Panasonic announces new Windows 10 tab for volatile environments

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garden toolsPanasonic now announced a newfangled Windows 10 tablet, Toughpad FZ-G1 ATEX. The Windows 10 pad is made for utilization in possibly volatile industries. Panasonic in known for its ruffianly and broken devices and the in style oblation keeps the cut of the troupe whole.

The gimmick comes with a 10.1 inch exhibit with 14 hours of electric battery life-time. The tablet is powered by Windows 10 In favour and comes with a 6th gen Intel Congress of Racial Equality i5 6300u CPU. The ATEX tablet comes with hot swappable shelling providing corroborate for a 2D barcode reviewer.

The device as well comes with a GPS, micro SD Plug-in selection with a Pumped Local area network or impudent menu subscriber pick as swell. The Toughpad comes with MIL-STD 810G and IP65 ratings which lets the device to point of view up in whatsoever conditions and is thoroughgoing for users running mainly on installation or criminal maintenance projects.

The society states: "Panasonic has been designing and edifice ATEX compliant broken nomadic computing devices since the guard touchstone was introduced 14 age ago… This up-to-the-minute tough pad of paper is our all but versatile ATEX roving gimmick to date, ensuring fluid workers in these safety sensible industries get accession to the Lapp levels of computation power, functionality and purpose that other workers get. This is an as such prophylactic device without having to compromise on functionality and flexibility"

The company has also inveterate that the gimmick testament be priced at 3,028€ and leave be made usable from February 2018 start with U.K.

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