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Getting The Large Projects Done Right With York Metal Fabrication

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KLK Welding was Set by Ken Kirkpatrick in 1985. KLK is available for various kinds of repairs such as repairs to the boiler, furnace, the snow plow, farm equipment, and much more. KLK specializes in metal frabrication.

Metal Fabrication

The metal metal fabrication Can be used in agriculture, food, specialty machinery, resorts, and residential projects .KLK takes on metal fabrication jobs that many metal businesses will turn down. KLK's projects include piping at ski resorts. The cold weather will cause pipes to freeze, leak, and crack. KLK has repaired elevator pulleys, stairs, guardrails, and platforms. KLK workers are dedicated to an excellent work ethic.

Areas Served

KLK Welding serves Hannover, York, Penna, and surrounding areas. Clients may go to the KLK site, phone the business, or see the company in person. Both store locations in Hanover and York are opened Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. KLK Welding firm was considered one of the greatest welding companies in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland areas.


Customers on Google gave KLK welding five stars. The workers are knowledgeable, have a superb sense of humor, and are committed to getting the job done professionally. People in the residential areas and business areas are impressed with the job KLK does. A number of KLK's corporate clients include more than 20 major companies like Fed Ex, Harley Davidson, John Hopkins University, and HACC Community College. KLK additionally services two ski resorts and Perkins Restaurant. Angie's List recommends KLK Welding.

No Experience Needed

No experience Is Essential Because KLK Welding has its own training school. The Welding firm has shrouded Up with Southwestern Welding Academy for a thorough and complete 16 week, two Night a week course about the best way best to be a certified welder. E.g. simply click
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